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About Us

Introducing Notedly, the Happiness Brand that transforms your everyday moments into joyful experiences! Our premium and affordable stationery items are not just about writing – they're mood changers designed to bring out the inner child in you. Here, you can dream and fantasize, write down your plans and goals, doodle, and express your creativity. This is your space!


At Notedly, we believe that happiness is contagious, and our stationary collection is crafted with the sole purpose of evoking smiles and spreading joy. From cute and quirky designs to vibrant colors, each item is a burst of happiness waiting to brighten your day. Besides Happiness we celebrate Self Love and Self Expression.


Self Love is the beautiful idea of loving yourself unconditionally. All of us are beautiful - inside & outside, and we believe that this should be celebrated. We encourage everyone to go write and journal about your day, your thoughts, your affirmations, your feelings! Love yourself and be your own reason to smile!


Self Expression is the perfect tool for finding your own unique personality and sharing it with the world.  We believe that everyone should experience this beautiful feeling and share their special story. The world is full of opportunities - go sketch, paint, write, sing, dance! 


Our notebook is more than just paper. It’s a cheerful supporting friend that will accompany you on your beautiful journey of Life! Our goal for this small business is to provide you with very cute, quirky, minimal and independently designed stationery and paper goods

We hope you'll find something you love in our collection and that it will be a part of your daily routine  :)